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GrindStone Cycling was a vision created by Tim Stone.
An experienced Category 2 cyclist, Tim believes in changing lives in his community through his passion, cycling. As a lifelong cyclist, Tim recognizes the importance of a consistent exercise program and proper nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tim has assembled a broad range of talented athletes who share his passion for cycling as well as the drive to touch the lives of others to promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling. A core focus of GrindStone Cycling is creating that bridge for less experienced athletes to gain exposure in the competitive cycling arenas through education in training, nutrition and fitness. The satisfaction of reaching out and changing one person's life is contagious and rewarding. GrindStone's Cycling Team is rooted in regional competitions with riders covering all skill levels and disciplines. GSC strives to promote a competitive spirit within their ranks and be a positive role model for the cycling community.

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Rudy Project is the official sunglass and helmet provider of GrindStone Performance Cycling.
Posted Friday, October 19, 2012
With excitement, we are pleased to partner with Rudy Project for our eyewear and helmets in the 2013 season. Our entire team will be proudly racing with the Sterling helmet and the Team Racing edition sunglasses. We thank Rudy Project for their support and appreciate the opportunity to partner with such an innovative company. See the full line of Rudy Project products at www.e-rudy.com .
About Rudy Project.

Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, Rxes, goggles and helmets by applying the most advanced science and technology. Designed and made in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project has grown quickly as a premier brand throughout North America.  Rudy Project has won Outside Magazine’s prestigious “Gear of the Year” Award twice for its cutting edge frame and lens technologies. Rudy helmets were recognized as the #1, most worn TT brand at the 2011 World Championship in Kona, HI.  Of late, Rudy Project has prided itself for providing the absolute best prescription eyewear for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.  What sets Rudy Project apart is unparalleled customer service standards, cutting edge products and technological innovations, and proprietary, award winning lens technologies including ImpactX™, Polar3FX™ and RPOptics™.  Rudy Project offers a Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee and 3 year frame warranty.

Rudy Project is the official sunglass and helmet provider of GrindStone Performance Cycling.

Off Season
Posted Thursday, October 11, 2012
Off season
All the road racing has finished up for the year, now it's time for the off season. That is exactly with the month of October should be...off your road bike. Let your body and mind relax, try new things, get out and smell the flowers, spend more time with your family, do some mountain biking, hiking, trail running, fishing, laundry, kayaking, paddle boarding, cooking, or even ballroom dancing (ha ha). Just hang your road bike up and take a break from it for a couple weeks.
After a 2-3 week break it is time to get back on the road bike for some endurance training. This means no hammering. Ride at a nice casual pace where you can actually have a conversation and enjoy the beauty. You'll want to do longer rides around 3-4 hours. It will be easier to do this either by yourself or with a few other people who have similar fitness to you. Group rides usually end up with too many people trying to show how strong they are and you end up losing site of a fun, social, relaxing ride. You will also want to start a gym program of core stability to address muscle imbalances.
More to come on this next step later. Enjoy your October.

Off Season

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Stone Cold Winter Ride

Stone Cold Winter Ride

November 4th, 2012

Grindstone Winter Ride to N High Shoals and beyond. 60 miles 18-20mph. One stop at approx 45 miles--meet at Stone Compound 10am. Map my ride link is stone cold winter ride. All welcome.

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